Kaatje Jansen



2014 - Present

Owner Sportcommitment KJ


Training & coaching in nature. I use sport & exercise (movement), mindfulness, nature as a mirror, health & vitality as a tool for coaching and training. For individual or group/team sessions. 

2015 - oct 2018



European Erasmus+ Projects;
Impacts Project: Sports & disability and
Match project: Asylum seekers/refugees, youngsters and disadvantaged groups & sports

Jan. 2018 - June 2018

Tongeren DV


Women’s soccer B-Team second National League Belgium

Aug. 2014 – Sept. 2017

VV Scharn


Assistent for U19, Trainer/coach for U15 and Trainer/coach U15 women

2012 –  2017


Talent coach and Assistent Coach

Talent coach of U14 girls Limburg and Eindhoven.
Assistent coach of Regional Training U12 boys

2014 and 2015

SV OASE & SV Voorwaarts

Guest Trainer 

Training U13 boys and girls. Presentation “train the trainer” for trainers at SV Oase.
Paramaribo – Suriname

2005 – 2014

De Geulhemermolen

Co-owner/HR Consultant

Responsable for: Finance, company policy, HR, PR, innovations, training/coaching internal for hotel & catering industry.

1997 – 2004


Consultant-Sales manager-Branch manager

Staffing & recruiting people for jobs in several industries. Sales, organizing and planning. In Maastricht office. Projectcoordinator for Brand Beer Brewery, inhouse office at Brand Beer in Wylre. Sales for area Valkenburg, Heerlen, Landgraaf Kerkrade, Geleen and Sittard as well as branchmanager for several offices in those cities. 

1991 – 1997

Dr Martens Airwair & BioRacer

Account manager

Dr. Martens Airwair: Acquisition, sales for the Netherlands, organizing shoe fairs, participate at several International shoe faires as Düsseldorf (Germany), Trademarket in Brussels (Belgium), Las Vegas (USA). 
BioRacer: Aquisition, sales for the Netherlands, sales for special designed cycle clothing for groups/teams, organizing shows in the Netherlands and Belgium. Combining administrative work – backoffice.

Voluntary work

Every where I go on holiday or travel abroad I try to mean something for the people up there, making real connection, in combination with sports.
especially in countries like Suriname, Tanzania, Ecuador. But also in the United States where my daughter studies and plays soccer.
These experiences and feelings make sure I live to the fullest. They are priceless! That’s all I need in return.

I worked for several soccer organisations as trainer/coach – volunteer at; VV Berg, SV Meerssen, VV Scharn, KNVB, SV Oase and SV Voorwaarts (Suriname). 
I did internships at Adelante mytylschool for sports and at Handball club IASON. I also was a trainer/coach for youth there.

During my college/highschool period I was a ski-instructor & cross country ski instructor for Dutch schools in Austria and Switzerland.

I played soccer from the age of 12 until 17. I played handball from the age of 12 until 32. I played volleybal from the age of 9 until 11. I played tennis since I was 8 and never stopped playing it. 

I ski every year since the age of 6 and I will stop until I die. Freedom in the mountains!

I love snow very much, as the sun as well.
Duality or polarity is in every human being. I feel it in every fiber of my body.
It keeps the spirit alive!


2020 – 2021

Shamanic Coach

Professional and proficiency in the practice of liminous healing and energy medicine according to the medicine wheel of distant ancestors and shamans.



REIKI I base course

Through Reiki you become aware of the energy channel you have. It increases your awareness, personal development accelerates and sharpens your intuition. Physically Reiki brings peace and relaxation. It stimulates the self-healing capacity and calms the nervous system. And more. By Essential Movements

Nature coaching
(Bloei method) 

Using nature as a coach, a mirror. You find your own wisdom through nature.
Wisdom inspired by ancient natural wisdom traditions including Native Americans, Celts, Aboriginals 
* spiritual roles wise women fulfilled in our history (herstory) of 40,000 years (Old Europe)
* BLOOM method (c) as ancient and contemporary cyclic model for development and growth
* dis-cover and find your inner wise (wo)man
* finding your own power place in nature
* create your own power object with natural materials
* develop themselves and perform personal and activating ritual
* translate your personal, unique spiritual tools at your own life and work      

Van Yoke de Wilde

Mindful Walk/Run & Mindful Walking-coaching

The Mindful Run Instructor course trains you to become a professional instructor Mindful run to give the 5-week Mindful Run/Walk course to individuals and businesses. The Mindful Run course is an awareness process, in which breathing techniques and mindful techniques are applied in combination with the running/walking. For the Mindful Walking-coaching you combine all those techniques with walking during individual sessions. Mindful walking-coaching is a seperate course. 

2017 - 2018

Base course Shiatsu

The Shiatsu basic course forms a whole in itself and you will be able to get a full body treatment (back, legs, feet, arms, hands, shoulders, neck, head and face) give to friends, children and others.

You get a maximum of practical exercises and the necessary theory with the basic concepts of yin and yang, biological evolution, the link between our physical and mental health, and new insights into the dynamics and balance in our diet.
– exert the correct operation of pressure, and the relationship, and in response to the autonomic nervous system.
– Study of the yin-yang philosophy, biological evolution, the relationship between food and health.
– New insights into body structure and culture with such okido Yoga, Do-in and other exercises.

By International Shiatsu School VZW @Essential Movements.


(Child) Yoga Teacher

Yoga, meditation, visualisation, heartcoherence, shiatsu/massage, singing, drawing, breath regulation and more. 

2016 – 2017

Master in Coaching at Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam

It’s a self-development study. You get insight into your own strenghts as a coach (that you develop during the program), and those of your athletes, for a better understanding of yourself and your players/staff, in order to improve performances. You develop a unique coaching style and are able to use put this style into practice.
Leadership, coaching and team dynamics. Building “succesful teams). Profound understanding of personal coaching style,. Continuous reflection on behavior and actions. The ability to execute professional coaching sessions (individual/team). Performance coaching, helping others to reach their full potential. The ability to coach in any situation: winning, loosing and under pressure. The ability to effectively handle the environment, including the media; professional communication skills. 

2015 – 2016

Business Spirituality by QUINTER 

A travel to your potential out of authentic leadership. @Essential Movements

2012 – 2013

UEFA-C & Youth trainer/coach at KNVB Academy

Trainers Licence and youth trainers course

2010 – 2011

Entrepeneurship & Crucial Conversations at IMK

Leadership & motivation, entrepeneurship & communication, business & personal organiation, financial management & company calculations, crucial conversations (extra module)

1987 – 1990

Sport teacher at Cios Sittard

College/high school to become a sport teacher. Degree in; teaching sports & swimming (also for disabled children/people), crosscountry skiing international & ski, swimming teacher, sportmassage, organizing sport events.


Coaching 100%
Sports 85%
Languages 4,5 80%
Intuitive 80%
Enjoying life 100%